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Friendship – Dating – Long term relationship – Marriage services:
We provide contact information for Latin American girls and women of Brazil seeking true love, romance, a boyfriend for stable relationship and future marriage.

1- Contacts are made by emails:
To optimize your contact success, we guarantee email info.
That ensures you a prompt contact process with the members you selected from our site.

Traditional correspondence:
No need to write a lengthy letter, mail it, and wait for reply. That increase the cost of your contact considerably. It also induce a long waiting time for possible contact: This process normally takes 3 to 4 weeks.

With the email exchange, your contact time normally range between 24 and 72 hours.

2- Availability of all members:
All members on our site are there for one reason only:
they want to start contacts with foreign guys. For information on how we support the availability of the girls, women and ladies on our site, please refer to our guarantee page

3 – Love, Feelings, Emotions, Passion, Brides and Marriage:
BrazilDatingGirls.comdoes not provide mail order bride services. You cannot buy a bride and have her mail to you. All girls on this site seek dating with foreign men with the ideals of true love and marriage. Love is a process. It takes time to find one. Be patient. Enjoy you dating experience. Girls are here to find someone for dating, true love and possible marriage.

You cannot buy love. We do not sell love.

You cannot buy feelings. We do not sell feelings.

You cannot buy emotions. We do not sell emotions.

You cannot buy passion. We do not sell passion.

You cannot buy a girl desire. We do not sell desire.

What do we sell?
We sell contact information of girls and women who seek real dating and relationship with foreign men. They could be looking for You. If you feel you have the ability to connect with women, here is the chance to empower yourself and find the love of your life. If your scoring abilities with women are low to very low, You should NOT try your luck with one, two, or three contacts. The more contacts you buy, the higher your chances of meeting someone you like.

Live your dreams with

4 – Social Dating Network:
BrazilIntro provides contacts with dating girls all around the world. With our social dating network you can find Brazilian contacts as well as contacts from other latin countries and Africa. Only men who contact will find love. Look for all girls on our social dating network personals in order to find a partner. Lots of information and pictures of girls who are looking for a date, a partner, a husband. Lots of potential partners who are interested in personal contacts.

Free membership for girls, women and ladies.

5 – Why do we remove girls from this dating site?
Our dating values are trust, safety and responsibility.
Members are removed for one or all of the following reasons:

a. A girl has found a boyfriend, husband or is planning her marriage and no longer wants to receive contacts from foreign singles.
b. A girl member was not dating active for a longer period.
c. A girl registration was a fake (not a real person).
d. A girl registration with intent to defraud (intention to receive money)
e. A girl registration was made in violation of the terms of trade, for example sending advertisements, SPAM messages, etc.

BrazilDatingGirls.comis proactive in protecting you and our members from scammers. We check every personals and profile but no system is perfect. In case of failure, please protect yourself: do not give money to anyone you do not know or trust.

6 – NO to prostitution-No Weekend Quickie:
BrazilDatingGirls.comis not involved in providing girls for escorts services in Brazil or other countries. We are not a place to find girls for a week gateway of sex, orgies and fun with you and-or your friends. There are plenty of other sites in Brazil that do just that. Girls and women on our Dating site are not prostitutes, they are not escorts, they are not “Mulheres De Programa”.

They are not seeking to be “bang” by a bunch guys coming from abroad.


If you are seeking girls for sex, orgies, threesome, foursome and group sex, KEEP searching.

BrazilDatingGirls.comsays NO to prostitution.

7 – NO to Brazil Tours:
BrazilDatingGirls.comdoes not offer tours where dating girls women and ladies would be exposed to foreign men, under the cover of “brazil tours”, as sexual objects of pleasures. We are a place to find friendships, a date, a companion online. We do not believe in tours. That is us. If you do, please move on with your search.

BrazilDatingGirls.comsays NO TO and DO NOT PROMOTE Brazil Tours leading to sexual tourism.

8 – Location
BrazilDatingGirls.comdating Head Office is located in North America, more specifically in Ottawa, Canada. You can find our address in the Contact Us page. We operate in Brazil, other Latin American countries and Africa. Our corporate goal is to provide you with the best possible dating experience.
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Brazil Dating Girls
Brazil Dating Girls Agency Gallery Prices Order Page Guarantee
Brazil Dating Girls
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